Friday, August 8, 2014

also occupy American basketball shoes market

   Among them, the JORDAN brand AIR JORDAN (AJ) series of shoes "profit cows". Since its launch in 1985 the 29 generation of shoes, fans recognized: each generation of AJ fusion of the world's most cutting-edge technology, design and fashion shoes. The JORDAN brand USA arena is the birthplace of the Jordan, shoes.
SportsOneSource display, 
  in 2013 each sold two pairs of basketball shoes, a pair is Jordan brand -- in the huge "Nike Empire" $26000000000 in revenue last year, Jordan brand contribution of $2000000000, also occupy American basketball shoes market share of 92% power Nike.
   You know, most developed limbs athletes lack of developed financial sophistication. On 2009, "Sports Illustrated" (SportsIllustrated) reported, quite generally, retired athletes financial situation in a complete mess, even many people into a debt crisis.
   While basketball "flash", in business is a talent, he especially know how to operate their own "halo". The court's image, the NBA championship, the best player, scoring and numerous "suit", the basketball gods image so far nobody can the enemy. In the evaluation of brand, celebrities, TV series, the popularity of "Q Score" rating, the 51 year old Jordan still come out in front; he has 25000000 Facebook fans, that he's not.

Nike how to upgrade from Jordan shoes, sports brand symbol

   Many business case for dark horse contact, a daily consumer goods companies, want to be 100 years old, then you must make their brand become a kind of culture. Jordan shoes, are infinitely close to this point. In 2014 April, AIR JORDAN series of twenty-ninth new product release in New York. Michael Jordan turned from a stadium for sports products ruler ruler, what is the difference between the two? From New York to China, a pair of Jordan shoes is how to make the most of his fans crazy, please read the story quickly fly. Although the "flying" has retired from basketball game for more than ten years, but Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) in to show his not old sword -- not only make more than   ever, and now the most popular athlete was opened.
   He made $90000000 last year. This figure has exceeded the Jordan from 1997 to 1998, the peak season of the athletes in the annual income of $80000000 record, also won the 2013 almost all active and retired athletes ability suction gold -- just besides the boxer "pretty boy" Freud Mayweather (Floyd Mayweat her).
  And $90000000 from the 83% to Jordan name brand name JORDAN -- this is a high-end brand footwear, apparel and accessories Nike flag. Data web site SportsOneSource estimates, last year, into the "flying money" from the Nike get at least 75000000 dollars.

took so much trouble couldn't keep Howard

   How much is hard, huh. If you can't think so badly, then by Kobe a person certainly is not enough, will need another star. Don't say Kobe's age and injury problems, even in his heyday, alone with a group of soldiers did not bring out what.
   So, we need reinforcements. When it comes to transfer, and is a sad topic. Losangeles has not many years past, is one of the major suit their first choice. From last year's situation can be seen, took so much trouble couldn't keep Howard. On the other hand, now really worth chasing major suit is less and less, and pay to play team but innumerable, the serious imbalance of supply and demand. This just make some players would like the emperor "flop" select club, but also through the "first", "second", this to put before you bet?
   So, I think if there is a major suit, such as Anthony, can really come to the Lakers, it for the Lakers, for Kobe is a very lucky thing. This means that the last few years Kobe decent spend, may also mean series several passionate, leave us the last memory. Static information.

so when we next review Kobe occupation career in the last

   So, as Farmar said, the Lakers are now white paper. Defeat last season they also failed to bring back a sufficiently talented newcomers. Their coach, don't know. Play, don't know. The core players, except for Kobe still don't know. But Kobe's health? I don't know.
   We used to believe that the Lakers can, the Lakers have the opportunity, half of it is for Kobe, partly because of Jerry buss. Now, let us reason to believe and how many are left?
   Recently read some fans saying, don't want Anthony to come, do not want James to. Or if anyone came to low-key, position cannot threaten the boss, grab the ball right don't, defensive rebounding welcome at...... Indeed, the Lakers past glories let the fans have some capital, but the glory belongs to the past, the team should always live in the present, look to the future. If the Lakers don't introduce a major suit, so when we next review Kobe occupation career in the last 4 years, will be the:
   Last fourth years F4 Hao array, "by the referee whistle" was "forced" into the playoffs, then for the season, the first round sweep last killed; third years out, playing just 6 games due to injury, the team missed the playoffs, didn't even reach ESPN pre-season prediction; the last two years with the Union first paid pension, the team lost no as reinforcements.